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Review and Pictures of the Green Day show in Seattle July 3rd 2009

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Here is my review of this show, which I just came back from. Green Day’s show at the Key Arena in Seattle WA (their 1st show of their North American Tour). I just finish editing the first (of many more to come) video and its currently uploading to Youtube (stay tuned, I’ll be embedding it here). To sum it all up, amazing show. And its not my first. Its my third Green Day concert, and I’ll have to say, its been the best so far.

I had ground tickets and I eventually made it up front right close to the stage. The stage was awesome, the sound was great (at first Billie Joe’s mic seemed a bit too low) and overall the show was great. It was a good mix of brand new, newer and old stuff, although I wish they had played 21st Century Breakdown in its entirety like it was rumored. Billie Joe kissed a guy on stage (as he usually does, for luck). He brought up a “little shit” to dance on stage, who was probably 3 years old. He even brought up a kid from the crowd to play Jesus of Suburbia, all of it! The kid played great and the crowd loved him. They also brought a girl and a dude dressed as a postman, to sing, play and dance while Green Day rocked out.

Yes, the guy-in-the-pink-bunny-suit (which I’m strongly suspecting is Tre Cool) came out as usual and got “kicked” out by one of the roadies. Took lots of pictures and videos with my iPhone (with be posting the regular digital camera ones as soon as i’m back in LA). The Bravery opened and it wasn’t they weren’t that good. At some point they said it was their first time playing in 8 months, and believe me, we could tell. Sound was off and the band felt disconnected.

But not Green Day, they were on the top of their game, Mike Dirnt slappin’ the bass like a badass as usual, Tre being whacky (and at some point pointing directly to me and winked!), and Bille Joe singing like this was his last show ever. Bille Joe’s ability to command a crowd is truly second to none. They new stuff sounded great (East Jesus Nowhere, 21st Century Breakdown, Static Age, 21 Guns, Know your Enemy) and the old stuff was awesome (although most of the crowd seemed lost). They played Holiday, St. Jimmy, Jesus of Suburbia, American Idiot and Boulevard of Broken Dreams from American Idiot the album. Some of their old stuff included King for a Day, She, Geek Stink Breath, Hitchin a Ride, Longview, Brain Stew/Jaded, Minority and of course, Good Ridance (time of your life) as the show’s closer.

You gotta love Green Day concerts where you see all kinds of people, of all ages, from all over. And yeah, I’m starting to feel real old when I’m the only one the in crowd singing Hitchin’ a Ride. I’m 25.

Click here for a video of the show. Just finished editing and uploading. Let me know what you think in the comments!

EDIT: Here is Part 2 of the Green Day in Seattle

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  • Linda


    Just wanted to say thanks for sharing pics/vids and the review here. I couldn’t get tickets for the Glasgow gig, so it was nice to get a look at one of the shows thru your pics & stuff. :)


  • Nicky L.

    I was there too! Don’t worry, you’re not that old! I’m 24 and this was my 5th time seeing Green Day. I knew all the words to Hitchin’ a Ride too! I was actually more lost during the new stuff, as I haven’t listened to the new cd that many times yet!

  • Abbytron

    You must have been standing in the wrong area of the crowd, because everyone around me was singing along to the old stuff and the new stuff, as well as myself. I’m 27.

    It was pretty much one of the most amazing concerts ever, and though I attribute that a lot to how close I was able to get to the stage, it definitely has to do with the band’s showmanship. The energy was so intense, and I’d never loved their songs more than I did Friday night. It’s definitely and experience that nobody should have missed. :)

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  • Patch23

    The Bunny WAS Billie. I was up front and took notice to the bunny’s shoes, (black, almost vans style shoes), just like Billie was wearing when the band came out on stage and the edge of the tattoo sleeve on bunny’s left forearm/wrist, just like under Billie’s black long sleeve shirt.

  • Drifter

    definately awesome, just like you said it would be! Wont be my last time seeing them that’s for sure!

  • Clandestine

    When will be new updates? :) I can’t wait, because website is great.

    Can we add to links? :)

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